Dr. Sabry

Introducing Angela Sabry, MD, a seasoned practitioner in Allergy and Immunology, with a distinguished career spanning over 15 years. Dr. Sabry is a board-certified allergy specialty physician providing comprehensive care to both pediatric and adult patients.

Her professional journey has taken her from the vibrant Orange County community, where she was raised, to the Central California Valley. She completed her residency training at the University of San Fransisco, Fresno program, followed by rigorous allergy and immunology fellowship at the National Jewish Health Respiratory Hospital in Denver, Colorado. She has been back in the Central California Valley since that time, practicing and cultivating her expertise in the field.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Sabry is committed to delivering inclusive healthcare services, ensuring effective communication with a diverse patient base. Her dedication to the precise diagnosis and advanced treatment of conditions such as asthma, food allergies, sinus disease, and eczema underscores her commitment to delivering the highest standard of care. Beyond her clinical practice, she remains actively engaged in the medical community, contributing to ongoing research and education.

With how quickly the field of medicine advances, she strives to be dynamic in her practice, offering the most up to date and innovative treatments to her patients. Dr Sabry has a specific passion for modernizing medicine with the use of telehealth and treatments administered at home whenever possible. The pull to modernize medicine hails from her personal balancing act between professional commitment and her family values.

Dr Sabry resides in Clovis, California, with her husband and four children. She loves to experiment with complex recipes in the kitchen, although her family feels she needs lots more practice on her culinary skills! She is a Disney fan at heart and has a love for world travel as well as the study of language and culture.