Having a food allergy is, in a way, having an immune system that’s a bit too protective. When you eat certain foods, like peanuts or milk, your immune system thinks these tasty treats are actually threats to your body and goes into hyperdrive mode to fight them off. Unfortunately, it can overreact, causing symptoms like hives, stomachaches, or even trouble breathing. The good news is, there are ways to test for and diagnose food allergies properly. Once you and your Fresno allergist figure out which foods to avoid, you can navigate the food allergy and keep allergic reactions at bay.


Food allergy is complicated and often difficult to diagnose properly. It needs a specialty-trained allergist with lots of experience. If you suspect a certain food is causing trouble, the first step is to note the symptoms you’ve noticed and what foods you suspect might be the problem. After discussion with your allergist, they will recommend tests, like blood work or skin prick tests, to uncover which foods could be on the allergy suspect list.


Managing food allergies involves a team approach. Once food allergy is diagnosed by your allergist, different options will be discussed with you. One strategy is completely avoiding the foods causing trouble. For some, oral immunotherapy may be an option, where tiny amounts of the problem foods are introduced gradually to build tolerance. If there’s a mystery or doubt about the allergy diagnosis, an allergist may recommend oral food challenges under observation in the office, essentially testing the waters to see if your immune system still reacts. With the right combination of avoidance measures, possible desensitization through oral immunotherapy, and accurate diagnosis checks, you and your California allergist can navigate the right path for you.